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Gear Pumps

Hyspec sells standard gear pumps ranging from 1cc to 67cc. These are available in DIN & SAE A and B mounts. Shaft sizes available are in taper, keyed or spline.

Hyspec Fluid Power stocks different varieties of Hydraulic Gear Pumps, available in Group 1,2 and 3, 4 Bolt DIN mount.We also have available in SAE A and B Mount with both spline and keyed shafts.These include brands such as Dowty, Dynamatics, Boden and Settima. We can build Double Pumps in both Group 2 and 3 series, as well as SAE mount versions. Also available are the Settima helical gear style for low noise and lubricant applications. For full technical detail on our quality range of pumps for your application contact the pump specialists in the Melbourne office.