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Elevator Control Equipment

Blain Elevator Valves

The Blain range of Elevator Valves which are stocked by Hyspec include the EV100 Control Valve, EV4 Control Valves, Coils, R10 Rupture Valves, L10 Lock Valves, KV Small Lift Valves, Ball Valves and Hand Pumps. All of these Valves can be incorporated and designed into your Hydraulic System or Power Unit requirements.

Hyspec are here to ensure that you receive the best level of service and satisfaction on Blain Equipment. Hyspec have designed and developed many different hydraulic systems incorporating Blain valving, and have the expertise and knowledge on how to apply the Blain product range.

KV Valves


Hyspec offers this valve which is commonly used in small lifting applications. Flow rate between 5-80 L/Min. Maximum Pressure 100 Bar

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EV Valves


Hyspec has a selection of valves serving a range from 10 L/min to 1600 L/min

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L10 Door Lock Valves


Hyspec offers this valve which has a pilot operated check valve which prevents down movement of the elevator should an electrical or mechanical problem occur in the main valve

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R10 Rupture Valves


Hyspec Rupture Valves decelerate the elevator in case the down speed exceeds the allowable limits

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Hand Pump


Hyspec sells this handpump for applications involving hydraulics lifting and pressing. Also for the pressure testing of the system

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